Day trip to pound sago - PART I

The sago palm tree is a staple food item to the lowland people here. Today we walk out a little ways to see the locals cut, split, pound, rinse and squeeze and filter the sago for drying and eventual eating.

Sorry, this is a banana tree....we are still in the village....

Here is our view of the river from the village.

We catch a small stream that runs into the river and follow it up a little way to where the sago trees are.

This is Yamis.

Alethea is tired of walking, but Noah soldiers on through the creek and into the mud.

Braxton struggles to keep his footing as we slop forward.

A local has already started chopping the tree ( they walk faster than us).

Here it is - a sago tree top.

Noah sees something that interests him more, however.

The tree is down with a "WHOOF" - the fall of the branches causing the only wind of the day on us. The people "WHOOP". Now, to get the bark off.

The top has some white "meat" that can be directly eaten.

So Brad gives it a try - not bad.

To hold the pounded pulp (insides of the tree) a local man weaves a mat from the fronds.

I told Alethea not to squint for this picture  - so she makes sure to remedy that.