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Welcome to Sovereign Grace Missiology! This is a blog dedicated to living out sovereign grace missions theology. What does that mean exactly?

First, the theology: the term sovereign grace summarizes our view of God. We worship a big God. We’re sure you’ve heard it said (and hopefully believe it), “God is in control!” Well, we really mean that. We believe in the complete sovereignty of God, meaning He is in control of all things.

We also believe that He is gracious and has shown us great mercy in allowing us to believe in Him and become children of God.

These beliefs form what are often referred to as the “Doctrines of Grace”, which mean that our salvation is wholly the work of God and His mercy and not due to any merit or goodness on our part. God has already worked through Christ and provided all that God demands for salvation. We rest in His finished work and live out a life of thankfulness by engaging vigorously in good works out of love to Him who saved us.

For a more complete explanation and additional links, see our discussion at Sovereign Grace Missionary Press.

Second, living it out: Our purpose is to get missions materials out from a sovereign grace perspective and help local churches better engage in missions. Our goal is two-fold: to educate and equip people to witness, and to provide encouragement and instruction to go do it.

To do that, we have created two sites: Sovereign Grace Missionary Press and SGMissiology.

The Press is to educate Christians in the gospel, explain theological concepts, and encourage us to have an evangelical focus. In a word, we want to equip. We want to prepare you to witness anywhere God sends you–right now, today. 

SGMissiology exemplifies all of this. It shows our beliefs in action. It is Trevor’s personal blog describing his mission work in Papua, Indonesia. It contains stories from the field that demonstrate the need to spread the word, shows evangelism in action, and presents Christians with an example of living out the gospel in a place that desperately needs it.

So take a look around the site! If you want to meet Trevor, visit our authors page and read his testimony. And if you're ready, dive into some true missionary stories about people and events happening right now in Papua, Indonesia.